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Tall brunette teen gets face fucked and sucks balls then she gets bent over and her tight pussy is fucked from behind then Ray fills her mouth with a huge cum shot.

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This perky brunette teen sucks cock, and gets fucked from behind. She then eagerly swallows a huge load.

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30 Sep 12

Jizz On Chin

Suck suck goose!

This little dark haired slut loves sucking cock! She teases the tip of his cock, strokes him, and sucks him off! Yeah, she loves sucking the cock!

And the entire time she’s looking up at him, locking her eyes with his!!!

hot-teen-oral-whore-loves-cock2 hot-teen-oral-whore-loves-cock3

When he comes… Oh, she’s in heaven! She keeps her eyes open, keeps looking right at you, and she takes that load of jizz right on her chin…… And some on her chest!

You can tell she loves the jizz – She’ll take it any way she can get it!


I bet you she’ll lick it off of her chin if she could!!!!

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4 Sep 12

Hot Cum Facial

Wouldn’t we all like to have a dark haired beauty like this to suck our cock off? I bet you she can spend hours sucking and sucking cock…..

You can tell she knows exactly what she’s doing too. She grabs his cock with her hand and holds tight, sucking him down while stroking him at the same time! This is going to be one blow job for the books!

pure pov lots of jizz2

The pay off for her is huge….. It’s going to be a huge load of jizz right in her mouth! But he missed – he missed his chance to get it all in her mouth! Instead, he shot his jizz all over the place, covering every inch of her face!

Thankfully she isn’t afraid of having a load of jizz on her face!

pure pov lots of jizz3

It’s funny how cute she looks when she has jizz on her face!

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25 Aug 12

Super Hot Facial

This dark haired bitch sure is a sweet little whore! She’s sitting down on the couch, titties out, legs spread….. And a huge cock in her mouth!

Not only does she love having cocks in her mouth….


She also loves getting a bath of cum all over her face and chest!

This little slut didn’t shy away from his cum….. She knew he was cumming, and instead of moving out of his way she moved right in the stream of cum spitting out of his cock! And it covered her chest – she has never seen one cock spitting out so much jizz in one shot!!


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10 Aug 12

Teen Facial

It never fails. At least for me.

When ever I have a hot teen chick making love to my cock with her mouth, I get so excited. Too excited. And bam. It always happens without warning.

teen slut sucks cock gets facial1

I end up spitting out a huge load – all across her face!

teen slut sucks cock gets facial2

Damn – Because I wanted her to suck it on in.

This is why we have Thomas from Amateur Allure. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to blow jobs!!!!

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