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Gorgeous blonde teen deep throats cock and bouces on a big cock before her beautiful face is covered with cum then spooned off and fed to her.

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Sexy and spooky naked asian kitty sucks and deep throats a big dick before he pounds her tight shaved pussy and fills her mouth with cum.

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Stunning blonde beauty deep throats cock and gets her shaved snatched fucked six ways to Sunday before she milks his cum into her mouth and swallows.

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Busty blonde bombshell sucks Rays big cock and fucks hard  for a mouthful of jizz.

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Naughty Riley Reid deep throats and sucks Ray’s big hard cock in a very wet blowjob before she gets her tight shaved pussy pounded hard and mouth filled with a huge cumshot.

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28 Sep 12

She Loves Jizz

Isn’t it just beautiful when a hot babe takes a load of jizz right in the mouth!

darcy eats cock loves jizz3

She’s hot AND loves swallowing jizz. It doesn’t get better than this!

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13 Sep 12

Hot Cum Shot

You can tell this little whore is going to be fun… She’s crawling around on her hands and knees wearing nothing but her panties and high heels; She wants his jizz so bad she can taste it in her mouth! This one is hungry!

slutty whore takes cumshot3

She did her very best sucking him off too! Around town it’s been well established that she’s the town deep throating queen; She can deep throat any cock of any size on demand! It’s a talent she’s been working on for some time now. She knows what men like, men like to have their cocks deep throated, and that’s exactly what she does!

She deep throats every cock that cums her way!!!

slutty whore takes cumshot5 slutty whore takes cumshot6

When he came she wanted his jizz in her mouth, but he shot most of it over her head!

slutty whore takes cumshot7

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4 Sep 12

Hot Cum Facial

Wouldn’t we all like to have a dark haired beauty like this to suck our cock off? I bet you she can spend hours sucking and sucking cock…..

You can tell she knows exactly what she’s doing too. She grabs his cock with her hand and holds tight, sucking him down while stroking him at the same time! This is going to be one blow job for the books!

pure pov lots of jizz2

The pay off for her is huge….. It’s going to be a huge load of jizz right in her mouth! But he missed – he missed his chance to get it all in her mouth! Instead, he shot his jizz all over the place, covering every inch of her face!

Thankfully she isn’t afraid of having a load of jizz on her face!

pure pov lots of jizz3

It’s funny how cute she looks when she has jizz on her face!

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3 Sep 12

Eating Cum

At the end of the day, all chicks are nothing more than jizz eating sluts who suck cock and suck cock well only to get what they are really after – a load of hot sticky jizz!

Poor Allie here thought this was all she was going to get – a little cum shot in her mouth – but it turns out to be so much more!


She must have done a really good job sucking him off because his cock spit out more jizz than she had ever seen before!

Even after he was done cumming, jizz kept pouring out of his cock! And like the good little whore she is she swallowed it all down!


All chicks like to eat jizz. If not, they haven’t been properly trained and it’s up to you to teach them how to eat jizz!

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25 Aug 12

Sweet Load Of Jizz

See, this is exactly what we want from a women when it comes to blow jobs. We want to be cute, physically attractive (and tight!), and willing to suck cock.

That’s a good start for a blow job, isn’t it?

chloe best blow job ever46

And then, oh, they need to deep throat. Because there is nothing like th feeling of a hot chick taking a cock entirely in her mouth and making love to it with her tongue. Oh, if only all chicks could do this for us when sucking us down!

chloe best blow job ever50

But the best part is.. When they took a nice load of sperm in the mouth! There is no better way for a women to scream out “I love you” or “I’m your dirty whore” without saying a word other than having a nice load of sperm in the mouth!

chloe best blow job ever52

Seems like all of the girls from the Amateur Allure do this all the time!

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