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Gorgeous blonde teen deep throats cock and bouces on a big cock before her beautiful face is covered with cum then spooned off and fed to her.

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Sexy and spooky naked asian kitty sucks and deep throats a big dick before he pounds her tight shaved pussy and fills her mouth with cum.

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Stunning blonde beauty deep throats cock and gets her shaved snatched fucked six ways to Sunday before she milks his cum into her mouth and swallows.

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Tall brunette teen gets face fucked and sucks balls then she gets bent over and her tight pussy is fucked from behind then Ray fills her mouth with a huge cum shot.

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This perky brunette teen sucks cock, and gets fucked from behind. She then eagerly swallows a huge load.

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30 Sep 12

Swallowing Jizz

Nice…. Looks like this bitch is about to swallow down a huge load of jizz!

lots of spermy jizz2

I hope she likes the taste of jizz, because she’s about to get a huge load of it!

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20 Sep 12

Best Cum Swallow

Every now and then something very special cums along and all of the stars line up just right and the end result is just beautiful. I am, of course, talking about chicks who like to cum swallow! And of course, only one website has the very best of girls who suck cock and swallow jizz!

Amateur Allure is the best cum swallow website on the Internet! And if that’s not enough, this week they are celebrating ten years of producing the best cum swallowing photos and videos and offering up membership for $16 a month! You can’t beat this!

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If you like to watch chicks giving the very best blow jobs, deep throating, and cum swallowing then Amateur Allure is for you. And with this one week special, now is the time to join up! Seems Amateur Allure is celebrating tens years worth of blow jobs and girls swallowing cum, so they have a special discount rate. Trust me, you won’t get this anywhere else!

Here’s a quick selection of the cum slurping jizz swallowing beauties on Amateur Allure….

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And one last hottie with jizz on her tongue….. So damn hot!

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This offer is only good for the week, so sign up today!

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19 Sep 12

Huge Jizz Load

That’s a huge load of jizz this cum swallowing whore is taking in her mouth!


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18 Sep 12

Huge Cock

When he pulled out his cock she was floored – she had never seen a cock this big before! But she was young and full of confidence; She had never seen a cock that she couldn’t suck off. She might gag every now and then when deep throating, but she can handle that. She knows it secretly turns men on when they gag a little because it makes them think they are doing something for them that she can’t do….

But she took this cock in her mouth and didn’t stop. She wanted his cum, and she wasn’t about to be let down!

whore takes cumshot in mouth1

Because she knew she could get him to drop his load right in her mouth!

And when it happened, she just opened wide and took it all in!

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She loves cum that much!

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15 Sep 12

Ellie Cum Swallows

Some chicks just like sucking cock to the point there it’s no longer healthy…. Young Ellie here from Amateur Allure is one of those chicks who loves sucking cock. In fact, she gets off on sucking cock! It’s more than a hobby for her… It’s an obsession. And clearly she likes sucking cock for one reason and one reason only…. She can’t wait to see what’s going to pop out his cock!

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She loves the jizz….. In fact, she lives for it! There is nothing that is much hotter than a chick who loves to cum swallow with a fat load of jizz on her tongue…..

And young Ellie from Amateur Allure eats it all up!

teen ellie has jizz on tongue83 teen ellie has jizz on tongue84

Damn, that’s a lot of jizz for her to cum swallow!

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