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Gorgeous blonde teen deep throats cock and bouces on a big cock before her beautiful face is covered with cum then spooned off and fed to her.

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30 Sep 12

Sloppy Cum Shot

Clearly Amateur Allure has some of the hottest cock sucking babes on the Internet! Not only are they all pros at sucking cock, but they also all seem to love swallowing the cum!

But sometimes Thomas gets sloppy….


And drops his load right across their face!!! Seems that this sexy brunette loves having facials – she can get facial after facial all day long!!!!


No wonder why her skin is so beautiful! Cum is great for a young woman’s skin!

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27 Sep 12

Free Blow Job

Imagine his surprise when this hot cute teen blonde chick got down on her knees and offered up a free blow job for no reason other than the fact that she could do it!

If it’s not hot enough having a hot young teen so willing and so eager to suck on your cock, imagine how hot it must be when she says “Sperm Facial Me” between sucking down gulps of your cock! That’s right, this oral teen beauty queen WANTED him to drop a load of his sperm in her mouth!

He wasn’t sure if she was going to cum swallow or what she was going to do with it, but it didn’t matter at this moment. All he cared about was how much he was enjoying having her suck him down!

brittney amber takes facial7 brittney amber takes facial8

When he was ready to cum he just let loose, with no warning or anything. She asked for it right?

Bam, right on her face! Oh, she tried to get as much of his jizz into her mouth as he could but she could never get enough jizz…. Turns out she’s not just giving out free blow jobs because she’s nice, but instead because she loves to have warm sticky piles of jizz in her mouth!

brittney amber takes facial9

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You can tell Cindy here has a huge oral fetish! The moment she showed up to suck off some cock it was obvious… She couldn’t stop sliding her finger in her mouth and sucking on it! Clearly Cindy likes having things sliding in and out of her mouth!


And her oral obsession pays off once she gets naked and gets down on her knees! Cindy not only has an oral obsession, but she knows a thing or two about sucking down cock!


But most of all she loves getting a facial! She loves the way the hot sticky jizz feels on her face!

Of course it’s also good for her skin too!!!

cindy-swallows46-1 cindy-swallows47

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22 Sep 12

Hungry School Girl

At first this hot little hungry school girl had no idea what to do with a cock this big…. She’s sucked off a few cocks in her time but never one this big!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz3

But she quickly figured out what she needs to do with it…. All she needs to do is stick it in her mouth and the rest is just magic!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz5

A short time later after sucking him off, he came – all over her face! She’s sucked off enough cock to know that men spit out huge amounts of sticky goo, but she’s never taken an entire load right in the mouth!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz7

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Now isn’t this just a beautiful sight? A hot blonde eating cock, on her hands and knees over his body, ready to suck all of him down! She’s about to put all of her effort into this blow job – and the pay off is going to be huge!

If I looked down at my cock and saw this hot blonde looking back at me with her mouth full of jizz, I’d be ready to cum instantly!

beautiful blonde slut eats cum1

I don’t know how long that cock was able to hold out, but it sure looks beautiful when she takes a nice warm milky load of jizz!

All over her face!

beautiful blonde slut eats cum5

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20 Sep 12

Super Hot Facial

She can suck and suck and suck all she wants….. But she knows it’s only a matter of time before he starts to blow the door down!


With a huge load of goo right on her face!

That’s okay, this blonde haired super slut seems to be enjoying it!!!!


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18 Sep 12

Teen Loves Facials

Young little Ashlynn here showed up to Amateur Allure to suck off some cock, but she didn’t let him know that she had a big surprise for him!

She sucked Thomas off and worked really hard at it, using all of the tricks she knew to get him off! And the entire time she waited for the pay off that she knew was coming!


When he came she had no intention of backing down…. She just sat there and took it all like a good little teen whore! Right on the face!

This must have been the biggest load of cum she’s even received on her face!


Thankfully she likes facials – in face, she lives for facials!!!!

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16 Sep 12

Fat Facial

This little slut really knows how to give a blow job…. In fact, this is more of a blow job and a show! She’s got her legs spread and her fingers deep down inside of her pussy! She’s getting herself off while she’s getting him off by sucking down his cock!

She’s just working to get all of his jizz out….. And her efforts will not go un-rewarded!

slut loves jizz1

Suddenly without warning he spits out a huge jizz load of cum, right across her face!

That’s how she likes it – cum all over her face!

slut loves jizz2

If a blow job doesn’t end with her having a fat facial with jizz dripping everywhere, well, she’s just not happy!

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16 Sep 12

Sperm Facial

Blondie here told her lover that she loves jizz, loves to eat it and loves having sperm on her face…. Well, who is he to say no?

She started to suck him off knowing it was going to end with her getting a huge sperm facial!

massive facial1 massive facial2

When he shot his load out it took her by surprise, but she didn’t shy away from it. It’s not the first time she’s taking a facial, that’s for sure!

massive facial5

He got his jizz all over her mouth, everywhere!!!!

massive facial6

Thankfully she’s a jizz lover!

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