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httCongrats to our girl ‘Dillion’ (aka Dillion Harper), who was just named November 2013 Hustler Magazine Cover Model and Honey of the Month!

20130811-155925.jpgDillion’s debut video is available now at and will be out soon on DVD!

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10 Sep 12

Full Of Jizz

All women look beautiful with their tongue out and full of jizz!!!!

christina loves sucking cock swallowing jizz4

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7 Sep 12

Teen Loves Jizz

Amateur Allure has some of the hottest cock sucker and cum sallower ever put on the Internet…..

Check out this this chick… Cute, young, naked, cock in mouth, eyes open, and she’s looking right up at us! You can tell she’s about to shove her mouth around his cock and deep throat all of it!

cum loving sluts4

She’ll be well rewarded; Thomas from Amateur Allure loves it when chicks take his load of jizz in their mouth!

And this dark haired teen cutie took his entire load right in her mouth……

cum loving sluts5

And she’s still smiling with all of that jizz on her tongue!!!!

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2 Sep 12

Happy Facial

This cute little blonde teen chick looks like she’s having way too much fun down on her knees with that cock in her hand and the tip of his pecker in her mouth. She’s got a big fat smile on her face; She’s going to tease him, she’s going to suck him, and she’s going to love every moment of it too!

She’s just hoping that he’ll drop his load right in her mouth – because this hot little blonde teen loves having cum in her mouth!


When he cums…. Opps! He was aiming for her mouth – he wanted to drop his load right in her mouth – but he missed and got it all on her cheek!

And she seems thrilled with this…..


Boy, she looks so happy with cum on her face – She’s got a big old smile on her face and his jizz every where!!!!

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27 Jul 12

Cum Catchers

Have you ever seen such a beautiful women so willing to suck cock? She wants and she wants it bad; She loves the sperm facial. She knows that if she sucks and sucks and sucks enough – and goes deep enough – sooner or later he’ll spit out a huge fat load of jizz! And that’s exactly what she’s waiting for – The hot sperm facial!

She knows exactly how to turn a man on – She grabs his cock with her hand and makes sure she has a nice firm grip on his cock, and then sucks it down! She grabs his cock at the base, strokes it, and fondles his balls while sucking him off! And it works too! His cock is rock hard and ready for some serious action!

beautiful babe loves sucking the dick0 beautiful babe loves sucking the dick2

She turned him on so much that it happened so fast – he came without warning. Suddenly she had a huge sperm facial right across her face! And she just couldn’t be happier!

Of course, a sperm facial usually means jizz everywhere – All across her chest! And this hot cock sucking whore has some big massive knockers to act as cum catchers too!

beautiful babe loves sucking the dick1

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